Wakefield Productions



Wakefield Productions crafts moving, meaningful video stories for companies making a difference. However their previous website felt flat and one-dimensional. They needed a web experience that immersed users into the same passion that they channel into their work; the same vision that makes their videos connect with viewers and build brand loyalty with consumers.



Their new website is as bold and emotive as they are. The design combines elements like custom brush lettering, animated GIF’s, and diagonal blocks to create a powerful, unique web experience that amplifies the Wakefield brand.
Sarah is a talented, designer, developer and brander who crystalized the essence of who we are and helped us convey our brand and personality on the internet in a fresh, vibrant and impactful way. She’s made a significant difference in helping us articulate our cause and purpose to the world.

Donna Cheung, Creative Director, Wakefield Productions

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